About Us

Welcome to our website! My name is Lauren, and that’s my handsome boyfriend, Marc! We met back in summer of 2017, and after our first date, we were hooked! I moved in pretty quickly after we started dating and now here we are, embarking on a full house renovation!

We live in a really cute little 1967, three level, front to back split home in St. Albert, Albert. Marc purchased the home about 9 years ago. He has always planned to renovate the house, but it wasn’t until I came around that the wheels started to turn! You see, interior design and decor has been a HUGE passion of mine for as long as i can remember. I even took the residential interiors program at the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Extension and finished as a Certified Interior Decorator. Although I never pursued it as a career, it does make for a great hobby. Marc is a ‘Jack of all trades’ with a background in framing and construction. I’d say we make a pretty great team, which is necessary with the plans we have for our house! Demolition, garage rebuild, additions, full house reno, landscaping and a lot of DIYs.

I started this blog to document our project and to be able to share it with anyone who is interested and hopefully inspire some of you along the way. We hope you come back and check out our progress!! Thanks for stopping by!